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Why I'm Running

My name is John Hayes and I'm running to be your next Representative to the Georgia State House and I'm fighting to build a better and more sustainable rural Georgia for everyone. We need to elect someone who believes in transparency and who is willing to represent all the people of District 154. I hope I can earn your vote for the election on November 8, 2022!

A Leader We Can Be Proud Of

Now more than ever, District 154 needs stronger representation in the Georgia State House. Representation built on integrity, experience, dedication, and devotion. John Hayes has the blueprint for success, and the experience and know-how to get the work done right the first time.

A Leader Who Understands You

John Hayes has dedicated his life to service, to our country, to his church, to his family, and to our community. A lifetime Georgian, John was born in Thomasville, has spent 6 years serving our country in the Army & National Guard, and is a graduate of Albany State University.

A Leader Who Will Listen

We deserve a representative who understands our community, someone who can be our voice in the state legislature. John Hayes is a known leader with a reputation of listening until he understands, and then working until the job is done. Those are the values that he’ll bring to the Georgia State House.


We're running a people-powered campaign to champion the issues that matter to the residents of Georgia.


Expand Medicaid

Nearly 500,000 Georgians are uninsured because the current General Assembly refuses to expand medicaid in the state. Rural Georgians are suffering the most from this inaction with our hospitals being closed while Georgia leads in infant mortality.

Mental Health Advocacy

We need to invest in mental health awareness and support programs and to directly address the mental health concerns of Georgia's inmate population.


Promote Affordable Housing

House District 154 needs a representative willing to advocate for affordable housing for Georgians including the promotion and support of affordable housing initiatives such as DCA to increase housing inventory and provide for more livable conditions.

Voting Rights

Combating Voter Suppression

Every eligible voter in Georgia should have the right to express their voice by voting without barriers. Reversing the Republicans' attacks on our voting rights harms our democracy. If we don't fight for our rights then we won't have any.


Improve Economic Conditions

We can work to improve the economic conditions of Georgians by promoting entrepreneurship, small business development, job training, expanding the Ready to Work programs, and discovering new and exciting supply chain opportunities.

Reduce Poverty

Investments into our communities would foster a self-sufficient constituency and reduce the wealth gap to ensure Georgians have economic mobility.

Public Safety

Confront Crime and Gun-Related Violence

A majority of Georgians believe in common sense firearm laws such as background checks, closing the trade-show loopholes, and increasing the age to purchase a firearm to 21 years old. It's time to make Rural Georgia safer.


Invest In Our Future

Investing in our childrens' well-being is the most important thing we can do as parents and leaders of our community. Every Georgian child deserves a properly funded and equitable education to prepare them for success.

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